From the presidents

For 20 years, the efforts of the association have focused on the restoration and arts activities of the Priory of Charriere. Rescued from ruin, this former monastery is now the pride of the village of Châteauneuf-de-Galaure. It belongs to the municipality which was able to provide assistance to volunteers and the finances needed for this restoration.
Included in the List of Historical Monuments since 7th April 2014, this architectural complex is still a work in progress for a few years...



     "When some in the world are trying to erase the traces of our origins; others, like us, are trying to protect them to better pass them on, thinking that a man without memory is a confused being, without a reference.

     Can a tree exist without roots?

    Loving the heritage is not only a nostalgic, romantic or melancholic feeling. It reflects a real ability to predict the future.

    To love, protect, and keep it alive is to offer an unshakable foundation for future generations. "


Patrick de Carolis