During the summer, Charriere organizes differents activities such as exhibitions and concerts. If you are interested in the activities schedule, please contact the association « Charriere Animation » or ask to your guide during your visit.
Charriere offers a great diversity in the music concerts. The same applies for the exhibitions such as contemporary arts, paintings, sculptures, photography or ceramic objects with our partner « la Maison de la Céramique »  situated in Saint-Uze.

In spring, anyone is welcome to discover the local flora during a botanical walk.

Charriere is one of the sites chosen by the association « L’Art et la Matière ». It organizes a contemporary art festival in the Drôme des Colline every June.
During the winter, the activity is reduced. This year, a meeting with the association « OCRA » took place in order to explore the remaining spaces around the monastery. This should result to an archeological excavation.

There is also a Christmas market on December in the Châteauneuf-de-Galaure hall.